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Archaeological and Cultural Tours

Discover Sudan! specialises in archaeological and cultural tours in Sudan. Created and directed by expert archaeologists with longstanding experience of working in Sudan, our trips offer adventure, education, the company of like-minded travellers and an in-depth appreciation of Sudan's unique culture – both past and present. 

Discover Sudan! was founded by archaeologist and Egyptologist Claudia Näser, an academic with a twenty-year research background in the field. Discover Sudan! follows a unique concept: to translate the professionalism and the feeling of an archaeological expedition into a travelling experience.

All tours are designed by Claudia and directed by her or a member of her research team. The Sudanese logistics managers, drivers and cooks who support the trips are working in the same roles in archaeological field projects. Many of them have worked with Claudia for a number of years.

Travelling with Discover Sudan! means experiencing archaeology from the inside.

History and culture aside, two things that are particularly noteworthy about travelling in Sudan. Since there is almost no tourist infrastructure and almost no tourists around, you will feel right at the heart of things, immersed in everyday life as well as in the solitude of the desert and the aura of the archaeological sites. And the much-commented-on hospitality of the Sudanese people will make your personal encounters along the trip a very special experience.

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We provide small group travel experiences off the beaten track

Our itineraries are designed to give you an in-depth understanding of Sudan and its rich history, and bring you close to its natural beauties and the silence of the desert. Our experts share their knowledge as you explore the archaeological sites, the varied landscapes and everyday life along the road – making each tour with Discover Sudan! uniquely different.


Sudan Special

Egypt in Nubia

14 days

This unique trip is designed for those who have a special interest in the Egyptian monuments of the Middle Nile valley.

Ancient Kush

Land of the Black Pharaohs

14 days

This is a perfect trip for those who visit Sudan for the first time and want to explore its essence and its key highlights.

Sudan Concise

Pyramids and Temples in the Kushite Heartland

8 days

This exiting short trip takes you to many major sights, including the World Heritage sites of Meroe and Jebel Barkal. 

Create a unique experience

for yourself, your family and friends

Let us design an outstanding custom-made tour for you. Explore the rich cultural past and present of Sudan and the wilderness of its deserts without the crowds which such sights would attract anywhere else in the world. Our logistical facilities and exceptional inside knowledge make Discover Sudan! the ideal partner to plan your special journey. Whether it is your first visit to the country, a return trip to explore its more remote regions or the desire to put a specific site which has attracted you for a long time at the centre of your journey, we will arrange an unforgettable travel experience for you. 

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Our commitment

to fairly traded tourism and the environment

We are concerned about sustainable travel and aim to create tours which benefit the people and the places we visit. We minimise our impact by travelling in small groups, using resources mindfully and reducing waste. We undertake and actively promote sustainable ways of sightseeing. Paying fair wages to our employees and local partners is an integral part of our pricing policy. 

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Discover Sudan!

You will enjoy travelling with us …

  • Small groups of no more than 11 travellers
  • Private journeys, tailor-made tours and self-guided trips
  • Expert scholars with you all through the tour
  • Unique itineraries and extensions that take you off the beaten track
  • Partnerships with archaeological projects and local communities
  • Private behind-the-scenes access
  • Personalised customer service and attention to detail


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