About Discover Sudan!

Experience archaeology from the inside

Discover Sudan! was founded by archaeologist and Egyptologist Claudia Näser following a unique concept: to translate the professionalism and feeling of an archaeological expedition into a travelling experience.

With this in mind, Claudia has transformed her twenty years of research experience in Sudan and Egypt into unique cultural and archaeological tours. The trips of Discover Sudan! are led by Claudia, team members and colleagues, each of whom has a longstanding experience of working in the country. The members of the logistics staff who support the trips as tour managers, drivers and cooks are working in the same roles in archaeological field projects.

Travelling with Discover Sudan! means experiencing archaeology from the inside.

Donation projects

Giving back

At the heart of our company's ethics is the realisation that we all – tourism entrepreneurs, travellers, scientists and host communities – are stakeholders in maintaining Sudan's cultural and natural riches. A message that Discover Sudan! wants to convey is that the scientific exploration and preservation of these riches is an ongoing challenge.

To promote our responsibility and raise funding we have the policy of donating to archae­olog­ical and social projects, including contributions within the cost of the tour. Upon registering for a tour, we also ask our clients to write a separate cheque to a specific project designated by us. This creates a bond with the academic work and the communities we visit that directly feeds back into our travels.

Participants of our trips may discover that they want to contribute beyond that – intellectually, professionally or materially. If this is the case, contact Claudia for advice on how to make the best of your potential contribution.

Meet the team

and learn what they contribute

Discover Sudan! really is its people: the scholars who design and lead the tours, the members of the logistics staff who work 24/7 to make everything run smoothly. They do not only bring their respective expertise to the trips, but also their in-depth knowledge of Sudan and their numerous contacts with other archaeologists, operators of hotels and resthouses, guards, ferrymen and local residents. Their close cooperation and passion for what they do provide the scope for exceptional travel experiences.

It is very much like being on an expedition – only a highly committed and functioning team can make it a success. 

Meet the team