... different from what you think it would be

Sudan is not the most obvious travel destination. Announcing that your are planning a holiday there will probably provoke astonishment among bystanders as well as references to conflict, terrorism and other safety issues.

Indeed, the country has seen a terrible civil war and violent crimes in the past decades. It still has serious human rights issues, and there are areas in the south and the west that cannot be visited easily.

But contrary to popular perception, Sudan has a low crime rate and has not seen any terrorist attacks on tourists, tourist sites or hotels in the past. Sudan's biggest assets are its friendly people, its amazingly rich history and its breathtaking landscapes.

Our tours take you to the north of the country along the Nile with its dense ribbon of date palms, small irrigation plots and ferries which still manage the traffic where bridges are absent. We traverse vast stretches of desert, and visit bustling towns and beautifully decorated villages.

Every day holds the promise of new adventures; and not just into thousands of years of history: our tours give you the chance to discover Sudan's unique past and its vibrant present.

Discover Sudan!

Where we go

The tours of Discover Sudan! take you to the north of the country i.e. roughly the area between Khartoum and the Egyptian border. Our itineraries follow the lifeline of the Nile, but we also venture into the vast savannah and desert areas east and west of it. 

Our itineraries include all major archaeological sites in Sudan, but we also head for many rarely visited places.

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"The pyramids of Geezah are magnificent, [...] but for picturesque effect and elegance of architectural design, I infinitely prefer these of Meroe."

George Alexander Hoskins

History and archaeology

... more pyramids than Egypt

Few people are aware of the depth and the richness of Sudan's history, but the Middle Nile valley has not been called Egypt's rival in Africa for nothing. For many millennia, Sudan has been the crossroads between Central Africa and the Mediter­ranean. The country has a compelling history and dramatic remains which tell about it.

Of course there are temples – and more pyramids than in Egypt. But more than this, a trip with Discover Sudan! means undertaking a journey through all periods of human history and experiencing them in a hands-on course.

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"You know more of a road by having traveled it than by all the conjectures and descriptions in the world."

William Hazlitt

Sudan today

Facts and figures

Sudan is the third-largest country in Africa. Its southern part belongs to the Sahel zone; the regions in the north are the southeasternmost part of the Sahara. The country has 38 million inhabitants.

Despite Arabic being the main language and Islam the main religion, the Sudanese society is multiethnic. Reportedly, the country has 600 ethnic groups that speak over 400 different languages and dialects. There is much to be learnt about Sudan.

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