For Individualists

Private Journey, Tailor-Made and Self-Guided Tours

For those seeking a more personal experience, we can arrange our tours as a private journey. We offer the following opportunities, taking full advantage of our management facilities:

  • undertake one of the published tours with one of our specialist tour leaders as a private tour, following the prescheduled itinerary and visiting all the programmed sights;
  • build your own itinerary around where you want to go and what you want to do with the help of our specialists, working to your proposed budget, and undertake the trip with one of our specialists as your private tour leader;
  • if you prefer to travel self-guided in order to explore the sites and places on your own, we offer the unique option to do the published trip or your tailor-made tour in the company of a Sudanese tour manager only, while we provide detailed trip notes on the itinerary and all visited sites.

These arrangements can be booked by individual travellers or any number of people travelling together as a family or a group of friends or travel companions. Private journeys do not only have the advantage of being more flexible with regard to sightseeing and adapting the itinerary to your personal wishes, they also have the benefit of being a guaranteed departure.

Costs are calculated based on the number and the occupancy of cars in operation during the trip. Generally we seat a maximum of 2 passengers in a car along with the driver and guide, and a maximum of 3 passengers in a car with the driver only – unless the booking party expressly wishes to arrange for a higher occupancy with a maximum of 3 people travelling in the back seats.

We design personalised itineraries to match your interests and requests. Contact us with your ideas, or simply tell us your needs and we will create an itinerary to match it – be it a 3-week special holiday or a condensed 5-day trip to the major attractions.

We also design and lead tailor-made trips for business people who have limited free time in Sudan.


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